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Established in 1910, Masport have become a key icon in the lawnmower business for their
impeccable engineering and designs that are both high in quality and reliability. Masport
mowers are perfect for those with large gardens who strive to achieve the picture-perfect
lawn depicted in magazines. Masport offer a wide variety of mowers from affordable
mowers perfect for gardeners that are just beginning in their green-fingered journey, to
more expensive mowers that are perfectly tailored to suit particular finishes. Within this
blog we will explore the wide variety of Masport products that are supplied by World of

Lawn Mowers
Here at World of Mowers we stock Masport’s petrol and cylinder range of lawnmowers.
Within the petrol range you can find push, self-propelled and roller mowers. The Masport
150 ST is one of the most affordable push mowers with a mulching system that allows for
the collection of grass if desired, or for those that prefer a cut and drop finish, the grass can
be dispensed at the back of the mower. Self-propelled lawnmowers are ideal for customers
with small to medium inclined gardens that don’t like to break a sweat under the sun’s blaze
pushing mowers as it requires less effort to push the mower across the lawn. We also stock
their low vibration handle mower Masport 800 AL SP PRO for the more advanced mowers
which features a 67L grass catcher making it perfect for those with large gardens. Our
Masport cylinder mowers are no competition for those used to achieve Wimbledon’s classic
striped lawn. The Masport Olympic Cylinder mower lives up to its name, producing no less
than gold-medal standard lawns that are immaculately trimmed to the desired length. The
cutting cylinder is controlled independently thanks to the centrifugal clutch which is installed
in all of Masport’s cylinder mowers, and this helps to achieve the picture-perfect lawn that
will have everyone talking. The mowers are also easy to manoeuvre meaning the customer is
in control at all times. To see the full range of Masport petrol lawnmowers available from
World of Mowers, simply click here.

Garden care equipment
Here at World of Mowers we also stock Masport’s chipper/shredders and lawn edgers. The
Masport 6.5 XL Chipper is eco-friendly as it encourages organic garden waste recycling and
operates by chipping branches into 65mm diameter twigs, leaving behind a refined
compostable mulch. It also shreds garden foliage using the intricately engineered 9 flail
blades that are arranged in a horizontal manner. Garden foliage and branches can take up a
substantial amount of space in your brown bin, so with this chipper/shredder it solves this
problem. The Masport Petrol Lawn Edger is sturdy and stable due to its broad stance and
double wheels at the front of the lawnmower, which allows for easy use. This also means
your lawn edges look sharper as it increases precision and accuracy. To see the full range of
Masport garden care equipment available from World of Mowers, simply click here.

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